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The Dig at the Riverbank

On Tuesday August 16th, at the site of the new Grafton riverwalk project, there was a discovery of historic artifacts discarded there as early as 1870. The Grafton Parks department called in anthropologist, Sarah Smith of the Port Washington Historical Society to take a look.  Sarah invited Grafton Historical Society board members Viki and Nick Schanen to get involved and they participated in the dig on Thursday 8/18.  They found artifacts that had been either thrown into the river banks over the years or from a previous trash dump.

The Grafton Historical Society now has about 10 boxes and tubs of items that were recovered in the dig, which will need to be sorted through.

Please refer to the front page article in the News Graphic today, August 23, 2016 for additional coverage on “The Dig”.

Viki and Nick recovering items in the dig
Viki and Nick recovering items in the dig