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“History of the Heart” Social Gathering

“History of the Heart” is an event by the Grafton Historical Society to promote the sharing of Grafton area history. It will be held at the Grafton Arts Mill Coffee Roastery on February 11th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. We encourage you to share and discuss your stories and knowledge of Grafton in this very casual setting. “History of the Heart” will also feature exhibits from the Grafton Historical Society archives to help spark the conversations. We know you’ll it!

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2 Comments on ““History of the Heart” Social Gathering

  1. What can I expect will happen at the Mar.2 meeting?

    I am a new resident of Grafton, but am interested in its history!

    • Leslie, please visit the resources tab and select “Monthly Meetings”. You will see previous meeting minutes and the agenda for tonight. I hope that give you a feel for what we talk about, and that we see you tonight!

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