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The Archive is Growing

We have already entered 224 items in the Archive Collection Log for the Grafton Historical Society. The very first is an announcement in the News Graphic titled, “And the Rest is History”, which tells of the formation of the first-ever Grafton Historical Society. The most recent entry is an article in the News Graphic stating, “An excellent place to live–Village of Grafton has rated high across the board.” The publication date is December 13, 2016. (Perhaps there’s a relationship between the two entries?)

In between we have 55 paper entries (newspaper ads, obits, maps, pamphlets, etc.), 165 media entries (CD’s with photos) and 4 artifact entries (items from the “Big Dig” and Grafton Fire Dept).

We are so excited about the growth of items over the past few months, and we thank you for your donations. Please contact us about anything you would like to donate to the Grafton Historical Society collection.

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